15 May 2013

Metagame: Armorials and Neato Programs.

Greetings All,

Just a quick bump for a really cool program, Coat of Arms Design Studio.

The Online Free Version did the old plain shields of yore. I did up this one for Count Jowern's description, but it isn't correct. It should be most specifically a Bantam Rooster (sable). So, not his fault it is sort of plain. Actually I think it is actually pretty cool, simple, clean, new. Very cool. So, points to the Count and against CoADS. Plus CoADS while Java doesn't run flawlessly on Macs. I can't speak for all the other OSes.

Arms of Rudolf Interhaus, 5th Count Jowern of House Interhaus.

Now look at what the Pro version can do! In the example below the newly minted Baronet submitted the shield with the pattern requested. Not much, he would have preferred a hammer for strength and martial prowess, but that isn't in the art yet. So, he decided on a unicorn which for those that keep the old tales fits quiet nicely in the symbology.

As submitted by Lord Valdemar Martel of House Martel.
The Armorial below is what he got back with the following letter on old fashioned paper and ink which Vladimir has been promoting by personal example.

Greetings Lord Valdemar Martel,

Please chose one of the attached draft armorials as submitted to the Imperial Moot, Office of Patents and Marks on 200-0199 PI.

A brief note: His Permatic Majesty would like you to know about the symbolism of your full armorial and it would please His Majesty if you would chose to accept the alteration to your basic arms as submitted.

The black fur shows your standing as rank as a low noble (Baronet). The Baronet Helm represents both your noble title as well as its award from military service.  He chose you two supporters if you would accept them, the Lion symbolizes service to the Crown, the Pegasus the continuing rise of the House of Martel. The white ribbon with purple edging shows direct Patronage of your and your House by His Majesty.  The Comet, this represents your Service in the Royal Marines, the gold color indicates you were an officer. Ratings and NCOs get a silver Comet when granted an Armorial.

He will, of course allow you the Right of Refusal in such a personal matter.

In such a case the first version, sans RM Comet shall be Registered as the Armorial of Valdemar Martel, The 1st Baronet Pecias.

Please chose one and return your response as soon as possible.

Yours most cordially,
Lord  Wilson Lloyds,
Assistant Herald of the Imperium,
Armorials and Letters Division.

Armorial of Valdemar Martel, 1st Baronet Pecias of the House of Martel.

And then there is one of the most important Armorials, that of His Imperial and Royal Majesty, The Emperor. Behold them now.

Armorial of His Permatic Majesty Vladimir II (Motto)

 Busy I know, but just think I started the heraldry relatively fresh. In truth the shield is only the upper quarter of his Full Armorial. But that would take some time. Not that I might not do that one day, but is sometime in the far future. It has been a very, very long day filled with Invitations and Imperial Bureaucracy. In other words, it has been a productive 24-30+ hours, but I must sleep now.

I hope you enjoyed the pretty pictures and words.


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