30 May 2013

Update: Still kicking it old school!

Sorry about the lack of posts, Gentle Readers and Followers.

I have been sick and busy and am seriously behind on Life. However, I do have another picture for you of my actual work. Sloppy looking but it is the first draft, also the notebook isn't exactly big. It has to fit in the Nine-Deamon Bag after all along with BadPad and other Wonders of the Ages. :D

One of the things I have been trying to figure out as the regular readers and at least one commenter will know is a more detailed Peerage in the Permatic Imperium than the OTU has. (Though I suspect Marc might very well have his How the Peerage of the Third Imperium Works all put together, but is leaving out a lot for other Refs to do their own thing) Well, when one plays the Game of the Great Houses it helps to know who they are and how they all connect. And of course who is trying to discredit or kill who. >:D

So, for you patient few, I present the Houses of the Imperiums (draft 001):

[T5 ATU] Houses of the Imperiums.
 Houses of the Imperiums.
As you can see, there is a lot of work to be done. First off is to create a better key for important information. The corner thing was cool for a first draft, but needs to have more data for a final version. Also, this is when I really hate being late to the computer owning era as I missed out on how to do the things I need to do, one of which is turn this into a grand interlinked database featuring notes, house traditions, key events in the house's history, and of course who is related to or feuding with who on what worlds when. 

Lots of work, but it keeps me alive and ticking.


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