25 November 2013

Update: Still Alive and Working.

Greetings My Dear Readers.

Not much today. Things have been as you can guess pretty busy and the drama machine seems to have gone into overdrive. Still I carry on. 

HMS Herald is nearing something approaching true completion and the M/V Lion Rampant 2 is officially in production, the ISS Sable is waiting on deckplans and first outline. 

The Permatic Imperium is getting more fleshed out and the database for the Far Stars is slowly getting mined for the interesting bits. 

Here are some examples:

Worlds of the Far Stars sector (639). 

Non-Aligned States (265).

Imperial Worlds Total (148).
Imperial Member States (58).
Imperial Clients (65).
Imperial County Seats (6).
Daarnulud Personal World (1).
Kirosowa Personal World (1).
Interhaus Personal World (1).
Imperial Domains (6).
Disputed Worlds (5).

Parthian Worlds Total (97).
Parthian Remnants Members (68).
Parthian Clients (29).

Free Worlds Total (68).
Free Spinward States (24).
Andencri Federation (23).
Disputed Worlds (2).
Abonai Safety League (6).
Psizessy Meritocracy (7).
Thozam-Crortiall Alliance (6).
Free Spinward Clients (2).

Confederation Worlds Total (27).
Thersis Confederation Members (13).
Confederation Protectorates (14).

Buffer States Worlds (16).
Disputed Worlds (2).

Former Old Empires Worlds (16).

Boothe Cluster Worlds (7).

Regina-Colt Alliance (2).

Imperial Nobility of the Far Stars sector (384/1011).

Emperor (1).
Archduchies (1).
Duchies, Major (3). 
Duchies, Minor (17).
Counties (74). 
Viscounties (49).
Marquisettes (58).
Baronies (101).
Baronetcies (80).
Knighthoods (627).

Another thing I have been working on is filling in the Native Intelligent Life for the Imperium and the Far Stars in general. And pretty much last for now, I have my first Land Grab, which I just got an email about, so here I close.


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