04 December 2013

Metagame: It's Notebook Time Again!

Greetings My Dear Readers.

Today while in the process of returning to something being seriously productive (I am aiming toward at least 52 posts by the end of the year, but that is looking doubtful), I shall delve into the Notebook and publish some of its contents. 

So, let us see what I wrote up and probably forgot about. :)

Clones: All clones are individuals by nature of their individual experiences they gain uniqueness. This can be kept to a minimum if they all participate in memory synching, ala the Tachikomas (from Ghost in the Shell).

A note about some belts in the Far Stars being blasted planets from the Great War and a bit about how they were blasted, it involves Jump and Worldships. See How Jump Works in the T5 Core Rules for clues.

A note about Landless Grants, but I detailed that over at CotI. It notes that it is possible for a noble not to be Knighted or hold any subordinate titles. Turns out there is about a page on Landless Grants.

Ranks and Titles in the Imperial & Royal Armed Forces: When a member of the Peerage serves in the IAF/RAF, they are only addressed by and use their military rank, but not their noble titles. Thus, Captain Everett Wellington of the Imperial Navy is also a Knight Commander in the Order of the Empire and is entitled to be addressed as "Sir Everett" and in fact in Court he is announced as "Captain Sir Everett Wellington, of the Imperial Navy, Knight Commander of the Order of the Empire." and addressed as "Sir Everett". In the Imperial Navy he is addressed as merely "Captain Wellington". The reasoning behind military ranks preceding noble titles are that the rank is earned and the title is given.

I have bit about how at Very High TLs they do a braintape and let it play or train in a virtual world while your body is Low Berth and then at the end of the voyage they load your braintape into your body and "thaw" you out.

Picket Duty (Scouts): A reason for X-Boats not to have maneuver drives is they also pull picket duty in the so called "empty hexes". They sit in the deep dark and wait for the picket line (a network of sensor buoys dispersed throughout the hex) to alert. If something jumps in they get the alert and then if the target is hostile prep to jump if engaged or do intel gathering until detected. This is hidden under the heading if "Courier Duty" and explains the high San loss and Risk/Reward failures (see getting Wounded/Injured), what with the Picket Ship armed with only CommCaster and the line's buoys. Plus here is a picture and a brief explaination of how the buoys operate.

The sensor buoys are also anti-ship mines and some come equipped with anti-missile and anti-boarding defenses, but not all. When the buoy detects a Jump Flash or other passive indicator of a vessel it cycles through a series of modes:

Mode 1: Passive data collection, target identification. (What is out there and has it changed?)
Mode 2: Passive data collection, target classification. (Something changed, is it hostile or not?)
Mode 3A: Hostile target. Passive data collection, alert to picket ship, arm weapons.
Mode 3B: Friendly target. Secure handshake, synch data sets, update picket ship.
Mode 3C: Allied target. Active data collection, request instructions from picket ship.
Mode 4A: Hostile target. Prosecute target, update picket ship, begin fire direction control for the systems other buoys to begin battery fire.
Mode 4B: Friendly target. Once synched, request needs, update picket ship. If the system has a stores buoy (fuel, parts, arms), send guidance and codes.
Mode 4C: Allied target. Active data collection, if ordered by picket ship enter Modes 3/4B.
Mode 5: Power down for maintenance.
Mode 6: Self-Destruct.
Since it is past my bed time and I still have to do home stuff (read chores), visit a friend (keeping one's social obligations) and some more CharGen for Greg P. Lee's T5 Cirque Campaign Book (I get to do the CharGen for an OTU Duke!), I will close here.


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