21 March 2014

Update: Computer Woes & Starships.

Greetings all.

As the wether becomes more habitable (by my admittedly personal tastes) things on other fronts are going not so well. First of course is that it appears that my main computer is having a major crash and that needless to say has put a crimp (not CrImp :p) in my productivity. Good thing is I ran a backup so at least I have most of my data still, bad thing is the backup app can't seem to see the target drive. Crapsticks! Still my tech guy is going to see if he can do some scuzzy voodoo to it and bring it back. Here's hoping...

On the other hand, not sure if I have mentioned it yet or not but another Daarnulud Design Bureaux starship is in the works. This one is the 600 ton, IM/V Sceaming Penny with the illustrious Mister Ian Stead (https://www.facebook.com/ian.stead.52) doing the plans and artwork (because frankly I am just not that good for this day and age, 1980s, I am looking good, 201Xs, not so much). As usual with these "I got a new project" posts this one comes with some pictures from the development stage. This is the first draft of the plans which are stellar, but then I went and suffer an attack (for which I am sorry about having now) and of course had to make requests for changes only after it had sat and cooked for a time. Yep, turns out I too am that asshole client. Ouch. Gonna have to make good on that. Anyway check it out:

I super-digging the oval bridge! On the other hand I had my quibbles later when this came in after:
Then I started making annoying changes. If you follow the passageway from the Bridge you will see a small space on the port side, that is the Ship's Locker. So? Well, if you look you will see the door is accessible from outside the Bridge passageway. Not cool in my Naval Archtecture handbook. Ship's Lockers usually contain the vessel's small arms and petty cash. Not something that shoud be accessed easily. He was pretty cool about that one, not so sure the request about the cargo hold was as well recieved. I won't say what, one must keep a few secrets, but it it will involve some work on the Draftsman's part, not so much the Naval Architect. :)

Anyway, just trying to get back to posting more often...again. We'll see how it goes. Meanwhile enjoy and hope you are having a good day. (Because I am a dick like that, but really if you have indeed had 87 nice days in a row..."Have shitty day!". Look it up kids, George Carlin was fucking awesome! Also, a smidge subversive. :D) Crap, got the details wrong but the message right. Oh, and for the lazy, because I have to share the love, here check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X0MDBqyYZQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player


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