01 March 2014

Update: Still kicking and working. Also, money.

Greetings Readers,

Not much to report, rumor control is Marc is dealing with some personal stuff so things are sort of on hold here. Still we work ever more.

Good news HMS Herald is damned close to getting out the door, I am working on the IM/V Lion Rampant 2 and Mark Lucas said he is going to get me the ISS Sable deckplans soon. Once I get those I have my first three books, and since Mark is feeling a bit guilty about the tardiness of the Sable plans he said he will do some interior art. Which is awesome since we just don't have enough interior shots of starships in Traveller. 

In other ACS (Adventure Class Starships) I managed to snag another illustrious Traveller artist and the M/V Screaming Penny deckplans and art will be done by none other than the big ole Foss fanatic Mister Ian Stead. He promised to keep the Fossing to a minimum, mostly since I am actually paying him. That is right folks, I commisioned some of my very first paid art. Coming up in the world, I am. :D

Speaking of, Ian, he also is doing up a dude in TL-H BattleDress and probably a chunk of the gear illustrations. So I am going to have some pro style artwork soon, but till then I am still keeping my hand in with drawing up little bits of the setting of the Permatic Imperium. Also, I have this fascination with the Imperial Currency so, check out the cash card of my distant future.
It needs cropping, but I am stranded with only a crappy sketch app so cropping or resizing the image is out of the question. On the other hand it does let me do some neat stuff with layers and patterns as you can see. Later I will do a series of illustrations and a detailed post, however today it is just a picture and a few words.

Enjoy and I will try and write more.


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