06 October 2015

[TNS] Thornwood-Daarnulud LLC has gone full-on live with product.

Hey folks!

First off, please forgive me for the cross posting.

Second, good news, our first product the Traveller5 Character Record is live at DriveThruRPG.com at the link below. That's right, Dear Readers, I after all those "I'm working on stuff" posts, here is one that says "I am fanarking done with a project! Praise be to the Holy Space Cows!". 

We would like to thank all the six people who downloaded it already and especially the nice people who even gave me money for it. Thank you all. Also deserving a Mention in Dispatches is Meredith at DriveThru who was most helpful, cheerful and did right by us. Thanks, Meredith!

So, if you run or are going to run a Traveller5 game this is the sheet for you. And it might even be usable for other versions of Traveller too (go ahead we won't tell :D).

Again thank you all who have helped us get this far. You rock!



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