13 July 2011

Digging Deeper in the Sandbox...

And so with an unsure hand I place this chart in the Archives. It shows the latest standard astrogation chart for the Permatic Imperium using Data distributed on New Year's Eve of Imperial Year 200, the Bicentennial of the Imperium. It shows that the common Astrogator does not even know the true Imperial Designations for the Subsectors.

Astrogation Chart in common usage circe PIY 200. (Holodisplay)

The most glaring error is to the coreward end of the chart where four subsectors are collectively labeled "the Dark Stars". Most Astrogators have forgotten the original names or even that there are alphabetical designation for subsectors A through D. These subsectors are not dark dying stars, but merely the areas where it is thought the light of humaniti spreading throughout space and time is no more. Time has forgot what was there and now they are merely dark, unknown places. Were it not for the traditional marking of the Old Empires Depot locations, maintained in starcharts since the Fifth Empire one would have no idea what is there. It is a sad and terrible moment for all the species of Man.

Then there is "the Line", while at least it keeps to the standard mode it clearly shows the name probably spawns from an old military map. Most likely it was the most notable order for this subsector. This may still hold true to this day if the threats of a great enemy of humaniti strides nearby stars are fact, not fiction. The underlying tone is reinforced by the name "Fallback" and the implications for the commanders who did not need to confuse the multitude of units with such things as names, merely objectives. The need for entire subsectors to be labeled with such names now, names of all they used to contain reduced by the harsh realities of what seems to be an interstellar war going badly. Now this merely one tired psychohistorian looking at the Data, others may get different results.

This theory can be confirmed again when one analyzes the number of Imperial Depots that are charted in the sector. The standard number of Depots for a sector is supposed to be one. One. A single Depot is designed to see to the logistical warfighting needs of the Empire's Sector Forces. This is backed up records from both the Fifth and Sixth Imperiums, in fact this number has been a standard for many millennium and is rarely deviated from. (There have been documented uncommon cases where two or even more rarely three Depots have been positioned in a sector. This uncommon result is only seen in times of transition, but the Depots often remain in place long after their logical function is rendered obsolete.) The number of Depots in our Far Stars Sector is eight times that in mere number with no calculations for the technology base they were constructed and stocked at, or the force multiplier possession of such artifacts from the Old Empires would grant.

The presence of the subsector labeled "Confederation" admits that most starfarers see the Thersis Confederation as a neighboring interstellar state worthy of respect and its sophonts as honorable people. This under the table recognition of the Confederation allows the Emperor and his Ministers to treat with this State to the rimward without resorting to use of force. It is perhaps, a subtle cue that the Crown may wish this to be so as it is apparent to all that His Majesty is preparing the forces of the Imperium coreward and spinward. High Command has most likely confirmed earlier simulations (run by the Department for several Ministries not to named here) and reminded His Majesty that he was already flexing the might of the Empire, he need not over flex.

There is no mention of the Remnants on current unclassified charts (classified charts may contain other information). This is odd since the Imperium has been clashing in the coreward starlanes with them going on twenty years now. On the other hand he is plainly getting the Empire on a quiet war footing to take at least those worlds which lie inside the Red Line. It is quite possible that the Lords of Parthia will wait too long to respond to these actions. If they do, not only will they be forced to concede the worlds to His Majesty, they may be forced under the Imperial Banner and their holding and titles stripped from them.

And to the spin-rimward (in Subsector Nora) lie the so called "Buffer States", a title that does not bode well for those worlds bearing it. They are between the Confederation and the so called "Free States". The Confederation on the surface seems to enjoy trade, exploration, rekindling the light of the stars among their domains. The obvious threat is from the Free States who appear on occasion aggressive and at times prone to harboring Corsairs and Pirates, in addition to throwing their own stellar might around.

The Free States are a chaotic mess of polities to the spinward of the Imperium and it is a dangerous place for Travellers. One could find great wealth and glory for the Empire and then some. Equally easy to find is long cold trek back to the Imperium with empty pockets on someone else's ship and you're the lucky one. If all the worlds of the Free States turned their combined might and resources against the Imperium they have the potential to damage many plans for the Imperium, the Crown and many others in high places.

This is how the stars align in this bicentennial empire.

Astrogation Chart with Data in use in PIY 200 by most Travellers. (Display)

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