01 May 2012

LIBRARY DATA V - The Voodgi of Colony A ( Colony A-2 FS 0724 [ K4 V ] ).

The Voodgi are named after their discoverers Linus and Sintari Voodgi, noted explorers of the frontiers during the early expansions of the Permatic Imperium. They have no verbal name for themselves since the whole species is deaf. The Voodgi use a visual sign language among their own kind and a translator system when wishing to converse with species that use other language mediums. The sign-name they use for their race translates to "The Surviving Ones".

The Voodgi are omnivore gatherers who began their ascent to their current space age in the rough terrain in the low lands of their homeworld's mountain ranges. It is in the low areas at the feet of these mountains that the major Voodgi cities can be found.

The Voodgi have a head with sensory organs, a torso containing their brain, and a pair of legs that due to their asymmetric nature has merged into one leg ending in a hand that functions as their as their forelimb. They have three groups with two legs per group as their rear limbs and are used for walking and climbing across their native terrain. They have a interior cartilage skeleton and a foaming fluid performing the functions of human blood does for that species.They are covered in generally earth toned skin. Their one forelimb or arm ends in a hand like manipulator.

While the species is stone deaf, their other senses more than make up for the lack. The Voodgi excellent vision has a spectrum that begins at around 610 nm (Red) moves through 680 nm (Cerise, bleeding into infrared) and ends around 750 nm (Aglow at the edge of Infrared). The Voodgi sense of smell is roughly twice as sharp as a humans and they can detect odors not noticed by humans. While the species' sense of smell is exceptional, their sense of touch is even more spectacular when compared to humans. Not only are their vision, smell and touch superior to that of humans, they are also Aware. This Awareness allows them to sense E/M fields and "see" in Bands of Lek and Mag. This give the Voodgi a form of Synthetic Vision and a vastly different view of the universe around them. 

Egg Donors are the predominate gender of the Voodgi, the rest of the population is split evenly among the Activators and Bearers. They are not a dexterous race, but a graceful one. Additionally, the whole species seems to been prone to a weak endurance compared to Terran norms. Otherwise, Voodgi Egg Donors' characteristics are on par with human norms. Egg Donor Voodgi have better vision compared to the other genders. The Egg Donors are known for their intuition and favor the biologics trades.

The Activators of the Voodgi are less graceful, have far better endurance and slightly better social standing which is understandable since their gender is responsible for choosing which eggs are activated and which are recycled. This gender of the Voodgi hibernate during the winter period, exhibit a talent for visual memorization and when not hibernating they function as craftsmen for their society. 

Bearers tend to have a weaker strength than the other genders. They also are only slightly more graceful than Activators, but not by a large margin and to a lesser extent share that genders' increased endurance. The Bearers also exhibit a significant increase in intelligence compared to the other genders, but due to the nature of Voodgi society tend to fall to the bottom of the social standings. In addition to being on the low rung socially, upon transforming to this gender they lose their sense of Vision finding it replaced with a low end Perception. Bearers also hibernate, but mostly do so when actually bearing an activated egg. When not hibernating they tend to favor the arts or turn to crafting. They are also gifted with an increase in memorization abilities.

Their social structure seems to be modeled on their ancient roles in which the Egg Donors use their excellent vision to gather resources for the Activators in hopes of having their eggs chosen. Meanwhile the lowly, yet intelligent Bearers actually control the final destiny of the species as they chose which activated eggs they will bear. This gives them a certain control  and they often "advise" the Activators as to which eggs to activate. 

Voodgi have lives only slightly shorter than human norms, averaging a life span of seventy standard years. While many of their life stages mimiic those of humanity, they have a short peak of around four years compared to human's eight. They do on the other hand (a metaphor that drives the Voodgi into a tizzy having only one) have long retirement age usually around eight years, beginning around their late fifties and early sixties.

I will try and get a proper image of them one of these days, till then, enjoy the map of their homeworld.

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