13 June 2012

More thrilling news. The Library is organized!


You read it right, I have finally got the first of what I am sure will be many more nit-picky fine combing and tagging and sorting and further organizing of the library's digital resources (hard copy still needs a good inventory and conversion, but alas, I have not even an Intern to assist me. Merely, me and the Ship's Cat, whose job apparently consists of much napping in close proximity. He's very good at that.

But round one of the great [T5 ATU] ADSGD Library Stacks and Archive (AAB) have had their official Centennial cleaning and shelving.

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  1. Library DataBase completely gone through and cataloged by subject. (I will slowly get the new ADSGD Library online, though it may wait till I have a real site of my own.)
  2. Permatic Imperium Setting Book outline draft 01 written.
  3. Expanded and revised the old Library structure. (really, this does count as a separate task)
  4. Reviewed some important setting docs to remind me where things are for players.
  5. Roughed out County Interhaus and ran the RU numbers for the Permatic Imperium. (KRU 41, not bad for a fledging empire..)
  6. Backed up old structure, brought some old volumes up from Storage back into the Stacks, and backed up the new Library.
  7. Oh and as you can see, had the facade (and soon some interior remodeling) done.
  8. Thanks to our dear Patrons, His Imperial Majesty, Privy Advisors and others who have helped in some way to our reaching this stage of development. 
Okay, it doesn't look like much, but things were sort of cluttered and messy. Another thing I did was realize I need to do a lot more basic outlines. I need to lay down the basics for what a Referee and a Player new to the world and game would need to play the Adventure. Good thing this is an ATU and my crew a pretty new to both Traveller and Traveller 5.

Yet more I have to do is finish generating the Worlds, Extensions and other Data for the Parthian Remnants, the Thersis Confederation, and more of the Free Spinward States and other kay worlds.

Plus all the off camera stuff, like who's lurking just behind that huge flash of light of yonder rimward, where are the other polities of the Old Empires harvesting the lost technologies and relics of the past imperial golden ages.

Yeah, shit just got real, as they say.

Well, it is a beautiful morning, and while not 0500 Manhattan, 14th floor balcony with coffee or celery soda watching the sun rise over the projects, it is pretty nice out. If I were younger and not as busy, I might break and check out the lake. But Hermits don't roll like that. :D

Also, for those that did not know, there is a Kickstarter Project for Traveller 5 with some very groovy SWAG. Like, remember those beautiful Imperial Starburst D6s? Yeah, did you do wish you had a set. Well, I got very lucky and finally scored some. Very lucky indeed. Worry no more! Marc is making a brand new set. Even cooler, it has a white and a red Imperial Starburst D6. So, if you dig this Traveller and want to see me do this shit for real, maybe even with books you could write notes in the nargins explaining why "that would never work, banned.", or those quick tables made on the fly. Stuff like that, you know the stuff that made us stride the Multiverse.

Here goes Man of Earth. Once he was mighty.

Back to work.


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