12 June 2012

A Rare Gods-View, Metagame Update!

Greetings Gentlebeings,

Well, things are moving forward in positive ways in meatspace real life starting sometime two weeks ago. Also kinda scary. In the end things are looking really good. Had a player, [VR]-N. look this blog up and express interest and a liking.

I got tired of not having stuff ready for them, so I am taking a month off of running with the self-imposed, month to work up a genuine Adventure. I foolishly announced this at game, so I am committed. That also might mean some dead air here, however I will try and get some thing up at the end of the week to log progress.

Working Title - Adventure A: The Abonai Venture.

So, after a very long, yet productive two weeks (especially the last two days) I am going to go and rest.


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