20 June 2012

Warning, Waring, Update Incoming.

*insert much swearing & cussing here as I realized I some how killed an entire post*

So basically, I did some stuff, I need to do more stuff, things like re-organizing this blog, detailing some worlds, doing some background about what has been going on in the Imperium's neck of the woods for the last 300 or so years (including the "end of the Interregnum") in a bit more detail. Like how did they survive, how are they growing, the various wars, and of course how Vladimir became Emperor (and thus a bit about that infamous Winter Ball attack that Commander Rudolf Interhaus, IN came out of as Count Interhaus and much closer to the Throne). Need to write up, seriously write up Adventure A: The Abonai Venture like I told my players I would.
Banner of 9th Royal Marines, His Majesty's Own Permatic Rifles (84th Assault Squadron)
Banner of 9th Royal Marines, His Majesty's Own Permatic Rifles (84th Assault Squadron)

Plus, I figured out some stuff about the Imperial and Royal Armed Forces.  Imperial Forces in addition to belonging to the Imperium are tasked with border patrols, anti-priracy strike missions, and the defense of the realm. Also they are the cadre of Colonial Armed Forces (such as the 7th Microgravity Rifles, "Rockin' Riflers" [Olam FS 2022]), in addition they supply and transport CAF units during national emergencies. The Royal Armed Forces on the other hand are the personal armed forces of HI/RM Vladimir II and are employed for showing the flag, anti-priracy patrols, and internal security. The Royal Armed Forces are supported by individual noble household units (for example the Baron Bohen's 2d Lift Legion, "von Ryer's Reducers"). Both Imperial and Royal Armed Forces can be supplemented by mercenary units, corporate detachments or institute forces, as well as members of the Praesidium. One last thing I am considering is that colonial forces are probably pretty loyal once they are are off world and supported by the IAF, but that a noble or two's forces might not be so loyal and have a case of what we used to call in Kingmaker, a "Vaseline Noble", because you just got fucked by some vacillating noble deciding to take his Burgundian Crossbowmen and boogie the hell out of Dodgeville. Ooooo, I hated that card. But hey, it did happen, so what is to keep it from happening again? The Emperor's 3d Mental Forces mind controlling the troops to keep them loyal?

Anyway, that about sums up the old post. Expect some new stuff, and some stuff being shuffled around. Basically, I lied, the renovations have just begun. Eventually, I will be getting a real site hosted somewhere trusted and where I can begin setting up a real DB (with none of that public editable Wiki nonsense) and more a of custom look.

Well, long past my bedtime, and I might try and sleep again, but damned are planets hot and then cold and generally all changing in conditions. Now it is hot, later it will be cold. Man,spaceships are cool, it must be nice be able to have the same boring "weather" every day. Then again, if your ship is big enough and/or high enough tech, you probably could do semi-authentic weather in your ship. Dangit. Another theory shot down. Off to sleep...I hope.


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