26 February 2013

Update: More on the LION RAMPANT 2 project.

Hey All,

It has been a while since I have last posted so I thought I would stop in at this unholy hour and let you know what is what.

First off, I have filed for real life LLC papers. So subject to approval from the State, I will soon be a genuine gaming company. The name, a subject I addressed in an earlier post, is something that I have been working on since I got my Traveller5 License from Marc. In the end I decided to go with the Family Names as my metagame bit. I did a bit of research and if no where else it turns out the State of New York has rules against using the term "Institute", such as you have to be a real life education organization, like say a school or university. And while in the metaverse the Institute does have such status, here in the very real world, I do not.

So in the end I went with Thornwood-Daarnulud, LLC.

I have of course reserved me some domain names for later use. When such domains are hosted and fleshed out with some genuine data, news and such like I will post URLs for all to see. Or at least my beloved First Fifteen, who have elected to show their public support. And in Citizen Kobold's case even posted comments.  ("...in this case, while we do not know the actual legal status of the Sophont named in this question, we assume a 'Citizenship by Shown Right by Involvement in Imperial Affairs' as in Holvid v. Imperial Census Bureau, Fifth Imperial High Courts, Vol. 6, 2d, and thus move to the main question...", Wiseman Yards Core-v12.2.3 v. TL Holding, LIC, Permatic Imperial High Courts, Civil Bench, 123-0097 PIY) Because I love me some metagaming. :D

Now on to a subject near and dear to our future product list, Herald Class Starships.

The Draft Lion Rampant 2 logo
As I have stated elsewhere, I am putting the final touches on the HMS Herald and beginning serious work on the second of the Herald Class Starships, the M/V Lion Rampant 2. The Herald has been put in the hands of another of our editors for some last minute works ups. And since the internet loves pictures, here as usual is some teasery. In this case the Logo above (which is at this time incorrect, but hey this is draft and thus subject to change in the final product) and a bit of the Operations Deckplan. 

One Half of the Draft of the Lion Rampant 2 Operations Side Elevation Deckplan
So, things are busy here behind the screens. There are of course other things, secret things (because everybody loves secret shit, some how it seems romantic, and not at all like the bloody hard, grueling work it actually is :D) are as always afoot. Such is the life within the Imperial Court. Everyone thinks its all parties and galas at the Moot and Court. My ass, it is butt load of hustling and working in little corners. Oh yeah, loads of fun. Which in some ways it really is. Scary as all get out, but fun.

So, I must get back to the aforementioned work and leave you now.

Enjoy, and know I will return.


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