14 February 2013

Update: A Small Note Regarding the HERALD Variants.

Greetings all.

As usual when I am busy behind the screens, I am not so good about keeping up the posting. On the other hand lots of cool stuff gets done.

Still working on Greg P. Lee's T5 Cirque project and looking into getting myself all official and stuff. Which is going to take me offline again for a while, but I do have something for you. As part of my getting this squared away here, I got back on my artist/draftsman on the HMS Herald variants to make sure he was still up for it. Well not only is back on board, but he sent me a sample of the first bit of deckplan for the M/V Lion Rampant 2.

I thought I would share it with you all. Needless to say it is not much, I rotated it and it is a bit cropped for use on the internet so as not give it all away.

Well, I have to get back to the real world for a bit. I have to go and write up some more stuff for both the M/V Lion Rampant 2 and ISS Sable. Both a bit light compared to what I have for the Herald.

I hope you enjoyed this and once the Traveller5 Core Rules book is in my hands I suspect I will be a bit more productive.


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