06 February 2013

Update: Well Damn!

So, last time we checked the Bat...ummm, the Dimensional-Temporal Scanner (or the D-TS as it is known around the shop, and only noobs forget the dash. :D), there were only 13 of you "Following" my forays into the depth of game design, playtest and old loves made new again. Now, there are two more of you.

Well, nuggets, welcome aboard the Imperial Chartered Institute Vessel, IPBS Rambler!

Pull a coffee, a plate of chow and a seat, watch the space though. We don't have a BCS ship yet and you know how tight the spaces are in these ACS designs. 

So, here is what is going down. One, I am working on a Traveller5 project with Greg P. Lee of Lee's Guide to Interstellar Adventure (which I actually bought some time ago), which is his new T5 Campaign Cirque duh Sirka. I am doing some grunt work for him. It is cool to suddenly have all that hard work goofing off and dreaming start producing something. So, go check that out, or better yet open the link in a tab and keep reading this. :D

Now, as to what is going on my world. Well, I have a better and more recent draft of Adventure A: The Abonai Venture.  Redid the formatting and fonts for it. Another of the things added was the star chart for the Adventure (as seen in the previous post). While I did that I also did a serious and long check of all the borders in the Far Stars Sector, created some new ones to go with the new interstellar polities in the Free Spinward States that I created based on TL. All of course at the aforementioned TravellerMap.com Post function page. Here's the latest chart for the Far Stars circa 0190 PIY.

[Star Chart] Far Star Sector - circa 0190 PIY
[Star Chart] Far Star Sector - circa 0190 PIY
Those of you taking the Institute's correspondence course Astrogation 101: A Navigator's Introduction to the Far Stars Sector and the Riftborne Domains, will note the lack of the usual "Red Line" that denotes the Imperial Claims. This has been removed for clarity. And to show off the work. *shrugs* (Yeah, I am a bit vain, too bad. :p) Another reason for its deletion from this chart is an idea I am having that the Imperial Scouts Service's Department of Astrography only chart systems "actually held by an interstellar polity, not all the space it claims." I mean what's the Emperor do, get mad and complain to the Senate?

Another thing I am working on is going through all my source materials and creating a "Who is Who" directory of the Nobs, MegaCorps executives, planetary rulers, reporters, and other notables in the Far Stars Sector. I have not finished it but I will post what I have right now so you can get a handle on what is going on there. It should be noted by our old hands aboard that I posted a breakdown of the Permatic Imperium's Nobility and their Resources. That is more the "big kids table" look at the power of the Imperium to enforce its will. 

This is more in the Daily Life category of the ADSGD | Library.

(It is in-house use only right now, sadly. Once get the company up and running and at long last, real, I will try and spend some time getting the one in-house synced with this one. Or I might just wait and hand that off to which ever poor sophont volunteers some work for building the company website. Which is looking more probable.)

Another idea I had for this was a Travellers' Aid Society benefit. Like, even if you don't get into the Society itself you can make their Society Page. Like I said this is still, like most of what you are seeing here, work in progress.

Either way, here is a look at an entry from the in-house Library.

The Nobility.
(Soc A≥)

Emperor (Soc H) 1
  • His Imperial and Royal Majesty Vladimir Svenson Alexandr Kirosowa the Second of His Name, Prince-Regent of the Riftborne Domains, Rex Imperator of the Permatic Worlds, Lord of a Thousand Stars, etc., etc.
    • (HI&RM Vlad II has survived at least three known failed assassination attempts during His long reign.)

Archduke (Soc G) 1+
  • Ivor hault-Daarnulud, Archduke of the  of Far Stars.

Duke (Soc F) =  5+
  • Vladimir Franklin Weiss, Duke of Lysander,
  • Duke of the Core,
  • Duke of the Trail,
  • V. S. Alexandr Kirosowa, Duke of the Rim,
  • I. Ian hault-Daarnulud, Duke of the Spinward.

Duke (Soc f) 16
  • Walter Interhaus, Duke of Ingen. 
  • Vladimir Svenson A. Kirosowa, Duke of Kylin.

Count (Soc E) 9+
  • Ivor hault-Daarnulud, Count Saburi, 
  • (County Saucil), 
  • V. Svenson Alexandr Kirosowa, Count Permatic, 
  • (County Supsula), 
  • (County Ories), 
  • (County Schea), 
  • (County Sphic), 
  • Rudolf Interhaus, Count Jowern, 
  • (County Calais {to be created}), 
  • (County Ireaded), 
  • (County Quelw).

Viscount (Soc e) 6+
  • Zhi-Lawrence,
  • Viscountess Ellen Whitecliff-Rezuuna

Marquis (Soc D) 5+
  • de Maelstrom, 
  • de Normandy.

Baron  (Soc C) = 10+
  • Wilfred von Ryer, Baron Bohen, 
  • Baroness Harkness (KIA), 
  • Mentosh
  • Lancaster
  • Darrin Hawk, Baron Redsm,
    • (The Baron is also the Captain of the ISS Sexy under an Imperial Limited Warrant and owner of the IMV Screaming Penny)
  • Baroness Laurel hault-Daarnuludka, PhD
    • (Laurel is a Visiting Professor with the Institute's Department of Psychohistory, as well as being a noted and tenured Professor of Imperial Histories at the Imperial University of Quelw.), 
  • Wilkinson, Baron Cesabe,

Baronet (Soc c) 6+
  • Agnes hault-Smith, Baronet Bohen, 
  • Smith-Volker.

Knights (Soc B) 31+
  • Richard A. Haus (KE), 
  • Arkirasan
  • Windsor-de Bois
  • Han
  • Singh-Black
  • West
  • Felglen
  • Jones
  • Force Commander Nick Sutton, IMR (KE), 
  • Scout Leader Gordon "AJAX" Boothe (KE, KCB), 
  • hault-Smith (KE),  
  • Deputy Mason Storm, IMS
  • Captain Sir Everett Wellington, IN (KCE)
  • Dame Livonia (Cesabe),

Peerage (Soc A) = 4+
  • Lord Appleton, Member of the Admiralty, 
  • Lady Lecey Minfenii, Deputy Secretary for Information Affairs, 
  • Lord Shen William, Prime Minister of the Permatic Imperium 
  • Admiral Neville Worthington, IN, Logistics Command, 

Persons of Note. 
(Soc ≤9) 

  • J. Billiam SmithJones, a freelance reporter for the interstellar new services, 
  • Weiss-Arkirasan, known a long and distinguished family line of Imperial Scholars, 

Past Emperors and Other Persons of Note.

First Imperium: The first Emperor was Rufus Cornealius Augustus (of the Great House Volcker), Rex Imperator, Lord of the Twenty Stars, Prince of Terra, Archduke of the Old Expanses, Warden of the Marches, Protector of the Domains of the Thousand Worlds, Defender of the Faiths, &c, &c.. 
(Was known to liked fishing.)

Second Imperium: Empress Vashti of House Akiilaar (b. [unknown], died 4300? CE) of the Sapphire Throne, believed to have died in an accident. Vashti al-Vlada of House Akiilaar (b. 4723, d. 5081 CE), Empress of the Sapphire Throne, died of withdrawal from anagathics. 
(Her daughter and Heir abdicated on the advice of Councillors, ran for President of the Federation, and won for two Terms before losing to a challenger.)

Fourth Imperium: Empress Lizabella Fortuna, last Empress of the Iridium Throne of the Fourth Imperium.

Fifth Imperium: Emperor Rufus XVII, the Immortal, last known Emperor of the Fifth Empire 
(Commander of His Majesty's Own 5th Valiant Imperial Star Armada.)

Foreign Nobility.

Parthian Emperor: Archduke Arsacid, Regent of Fonest

Anyway, I will cut it short because I am tired, but at least I gave you pretty pictures and chrome. And now of to hit the rack. 


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