05 February 2015

@&))6$! Apps!

So, had a nice post all typed out and was going from one app to another to cut and paste some links and got hosed by crash and lost it all. Crap.

Take two!

As I may have or not mentioned the Ship's Cat has an infected tooth and thankfully he managed to get sick during that lovely refund time for us working poor, so he'll soon be in hospital as they say across the Pond. In other more work related news but related I have commissioned Tim Osborne of who did some artwork (including a rare image of me) for Greg P. Lee's Traveller5 Cirque Campaign Setting Book to do up a picture of the Voodgi. 

I never intended the Voodgi to become a focal species, or Race in Traveller terms, but both my meatspace and cyberspace games involve them and their Homeworld so I figured I needed a picture of them, much like I needed artwork and deckplans for the Type-S 100-ton Scout/Courier of the Permatic Imperium. 

And speaking of the Something Cool (though the player's is called the Vargr's Grin which was due to an early misunderstanding about the OTU Aliens and their absence in my ATU), I am soon to have that ship paid off which means I can commission a Free Trader and a Yacht for Volume One of Common Starships of the Permatic Imperium, I figure the Navy Escort, the Scholar's Labship and whatever other ships I find in the CharGen section (I haven't combed it completely and made a final list yet). 

Next up after all that is pics of the Edendextu and the Bibickian and that will give me illustrations of the three playable Sophont species of the Permatic Imperium setting. Still leaves about a dozen or so Member and Client species of the Far Stars sector. This of course is only one sector of the nine that compose the Riftborne Domains, so there are probably sixty to one hundred sophont species in the whole of the Domains. I suspect I will not get around to detailing so that leaves some Death Star room for Referees to create new Sophonts for the setting without upsetting canon. Not that I have any canon exactly much less Canonistas, but if I manage to get this setting out the door and people buying it, I suspect they will appear. Not sure if that would be cool or awful, I think a bit of both. :)

So that concludes the business end as it were for the post and now we move on to everyone's favorite segment of the Internet, pictures. Today's picture is another sketch by yours truly here and a link to some that aren't. (I hope, that is where things went wrong last time...) 

First my work, in this case I was reading up on Imperial Regilia and came across a reference to it representing the Sovereign's Authority and that got me doodling and this is the result. Behold!

Well, that is pretty much it for right now so I will close here. 


PS: I forgot the link which was to illustrate an example of an Imperial Marshal Service star. 


Unlike most MoJ Agencies and Departments the Imperial Marshals Service uses a custom badge which is a plain, five pointed, ringed star with the Imperial Starburst in the center, pretty much a unashamed clone of the United States Marshals Service badge. Why, you ask after some eight thousand years are they still using the same tin? Tradition! :D 

Well, I really have to handle some other online stuff, cyberspace crew is off to meet the Voodgi Civil Affairs Logistic Staff Officer who says that they conveintly happen to have some Mercs, but no Commanding Officer with the proper combat qualifications to lead them...

Then, it is real world stuff and some scunchy rack time with Ship's Cat. 

Catch ya on the flipside.

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