25 February 2015

[Ticket] Abonai Belt / Colony A.

  1. Date of Preparation: 365-0199.
  2. Employer Details: Colonial Holdings (Quelw), Ltd.
  3. Service Details;
    • Location: [FARS 0624] Abonai Belt / [FARS 0724] Colony A.
    • Length: 90 Standard Days. (Extendable)
    • Exposure: Moderate. Enemy forces are numerous, but technologically inferior.
    • Risk: Medium to High. Abonai military forces have effective control of the world of Colony A and its system space.
    • Type: Cadre/Covert Actions. Train, assist & support Native Forces and/or create such conditions as to require Imperial intervention.
    • Target: Present Government of Abonai Belt, in the Person of Chief Safety Warden Anton Snelling and his Deputies and Staff.
  4. Pre-Service Support;
    • Funds: KCr 250 (Various Currencies), KCr 250 (Nerver & Smith, IC* - Account # NSMB-Ch0231).
    • Service: Native Forces may supply intelligence, minor vessel & equipment repair, fuel, and military forces or support at the discretion of the local commander. Imperial Forces may also provide logistical support, again at the discretion of the commander. COSDet already in place in Abonai system to support [REDACTED] may be able to provide intelligence and tactical and signals support in case of covert actions. The COSDet commander is required to maintain forces in place for their primary support mission, but shall extend every courtesy and support they are able to within the limits of the missions.
    • Additional: (The Company) may acquire weapons, equipment and logistical support at Corporate Rates and is exempt from the Citizens' Tax normally assessed on such items and services.
  5. Post Service Support: Client will repair or replace reasonable damage to vessels, arms and equipment at cost.
  6. Compensation: MCr 1.5 to split among (The Company) and any Hired personnel upon occupation of [FS 0624] Abonai Belt by Imperial Forces and/or surrender of or abadonment of [FS 0724] Colony A by Abonai Military Forces (ground, atmo, and space).
  7. Reparation: The Client will provide reparation of hired personnel to port of hire. Client will make all attempts to secure the release and reparation of any personnel wether hired or (Company) employees in case of capture.
  8. Escape Clause: (The Company) may activate the escape clause of this Ticket if engaged by forces of parties other than those named as combatants in this Ticket. If they do so they will not face charges of desertion or fraud provided such conditions are documented. If this escape clause is activated the Client releases (The Company) to persure other military employment tickets. Capture by Abonai Forces is not considered sufficient reason to activate this escape clause.
  9. Signature Block;

* Nerver & Smith, IC.
A. Speciality Goods or Services: Capital Investments, Venture Capital, Bonds and Insurance, Import/Export.
B. Baseline Tech Level: E (Low Interstellar)
C. Standard Price Adjustment: - 30 %
D. Corporate Headquarters: FS 0932 C 86A 210-B GG Na.
E. Known Shareholders: Imperial Holdings = 5%, Nerver = 20%, Smith = 20%, various Partners = 15%, Victorious Holding Company = 2%, ADG = 1%.
F. QREBS: Quality = 7 (+2) [Two Years], Reliability = -3, Ease of Use = 0, Burden = 0, Safety = -2.
G. Remarks: Never & Smith is rather new on the block and are said to have been started by patrons who had grievances with ADG. This said it must have been a bit of blow when ADG gained a percentage of its stock. Whatever the truth N&S does a hefty business with quality products and often sound investments. However, they are bit bolder than their competitor and are thus prone to have some rather nasty down turns in their portfolios. Their services are generally reported to be standard and most sophonts should have little difficulty understanding the terms and the rates and fees are often paid through standard Imperial transaction methods. They are the kings of the quick turn around most investments paying off or going bad in about two years. When their products do go bad the speculator stands a good chance of losing their investment.
H. Rumors: They also have a small privately held shipyard that specializes in watercraft, they mostly do yachts for the N&S Board, Partners and staffs that reside on the world's surface. They have been known to do a watercraft for other clients but when they do the fees are outrageous. The results on the other hand have won several Imperial Surface Racing Association championships.

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