13 March 2015

Update: New Drafts of the Imperial Colors.

Greetings My Dear Readers & Followers.

Today's post comes with some pretty pictures, in this case they are of variants of the flag and banner. They came about because though the original flag/banner was nice enough it was still pretty much a copy of the Imperial Banner of the OTU...with extra stars, and different colors.

So, in the interests of being distinctive and my own thing, I whipped up a couple of variants. Also a roundel for use on craft. Check them below and comment away. 

Next up Flag and Banner (version 2).

Still, I wasn't sure I liked this draft so I did up a couple more seen below. The first has the Starburst up in the canton and rakish stripes in Vlad's House Colors.

But then I wasn't to thrilled with the Starburst placement and that led to the next one.

So, what issues here? Too small a Starburst. Off to do another one...

This one seems alright so I then did a Banner variant. 

And with this last one I feel productive and pretty happy with the results.

Next up, new Imperial currency and a Scout Ranger's Warrant Card.

Enjoy and catch ya on the flipside.


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