07 March 2013

Dossier: BOOTHE, GORMAN (AJAX). KE, KCB. ISS (Scout Leader)

Banner of the Imperial Scout Service (Detached-Titanium)
Banner of the Imperial Scout Service (Detached-Titanium)
1 Titanium Discovery Cog (1 Artifact Discovery)
1 Golden Discovery Star (3 Discoveries each) | 1 Silver Discovery Star (2 Discoveries each)

Name: Scout Leader Gorman (Ajax) Boothe, BS, KE, KCB. Fame: 24 (Empire wide) 
UPP: 39998B [GP: 000000], Age: 50 (born 000-0150 PIY), Terms: 1 College, 7 Scout.

Skills: Astrogator-4, Counsellor-2, Driver-0 (Grav-2, Wheeled-1), Engineer-9 ( Life Support-6, Maneuver Drives-1), Gunner-2 (Turrets-1, Screens-2), Heavy Weapons-0 (Ordinance-1), Medic-1, Pilot-1, Scout-1, Survey-3, Survival-3, Trade (Gravitics-3, Mechanic-1), VaccSuit-7, Zero G-5.

Psionics: Ψ = A  [3rd Stage Psionic] 
Basics; Direct-15, Remote-15, Self-0. 
ESP;  Vision-15, Hearing-0, Touch-0, Smell-0, Awareness-15, Perception-0. 
ECM; Move-15, Teleport-0, EShift-15, The Touch-0, OOB-0, Mentation-0.

Papers: TK College: Bachelor of Life Support Management Systems  (Life Support/Counsellor) w Honors.



Muster Out Gear: Grenades: 2 each (Frag, Flash-Bang, Smoke, Concussion), 6 IISS Discovery Knighthood (KE), Knighthood (KCB), Land Grants (Income per Grant = KCr 10/yearTC [Ga Pa Ri Rh R]r), Power Cells  All (KCr worth), Sensors: (KCr 50 MPs at TL), TAS Life Membership, TAS Fellowship, Wafer Jack, KCr 35.7.

Remarks:  Sir Gorman is not merely a Knight of the Empire, he is also a Knight of the Prepared Order of the Compass and Beacon a very small yet  prestigious order whose membership is composed entirely of exceptional Scouts, whether a member of recognized private Scout Service or the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service. 

While most Citizens of the Empire think of this a high honor, the Scouts themselves as whole, being free of pesky rules and regs sort of crowd, pretty much dread such an "honor" even though as Knighthoods go its Orders are pretty short, sweet and loose legally and require little effort on the part of the Knights. Most Scouts if convinced to speak of their hated Order, will tend to say it is the publication and media hype when they have to show in Court, in a *gasp* "fanarking made up uniform'" looking presentable. Say what they will, they all show up. All except McHenry who was (after several investigations by several Ministries) ruled to be MIJ or Missing in Jump.. His Majesty has issued a Decree that should McHenry found, "the individual in question is to be very well treated and shall immediately and with great haste brought before HI&RM Vladimir II, High Lord of Permatic, etc, etc., to explain his absence, debrief and then be knighted."
  • It is said in some circles mostly Scout bases and way stations and some rather interesting circles at Court and a few board rooms is that McHenry who while famous in the service had some how deflected all the fame that he should have received. Rumor has it while a fine Survey Scout, he is one of the worst on a First Contact Team. These same back channels say that Vladimir the Second got wind of the scheme and had McHenry brought be for him, a deal was forged, and McHenry would be declared "MIJ", leave the Scouts and disappear. If anyone discovered and the jig is up, Vlad has the most over-hyped, ostentatious knighting ceremony planned and primed.

Gorman is a co-discoverer of the infamous "boxing" Trogdath. He does not like the publicity that has come with this distinction nor does he welcome questions or questioners. He has his reasons and with they have some basis in fact.

He is a bit introverted and was exposed to Jumpspace for a considerable length of time during his career with the IISS. He and his "lucky red vaccsuit" were subject to numerous questions and tests at the hands and probes of the of Scouts decontamination and medical sections who cleared him fit for duty. Those Scout exams were by the standards of what followed them, shockingly brief and incomplete. Most of the other exams were done by scientists from the Jumpspace Institute. The popular conspiracy ImpNet nodes maintain that there were "other agencies" not mentioned in official records and who can not discovered using conventional means that did strange things to the "poor Scout Boothe". These same nodes often also claim that he is a "Third Stage Psionic" which the reader can as an example such nodes' veracity as a source of accurate information about the man. Imperial sources refuse to comment on such speculations on general basis and will likely get routed into the Imperial Bureaucracy's black hole for inconvenient, time wasting, annoying and sometimes requests for genuinely dangerous or classified information, Rumor has it that he became something of a "Jumpspace philosopher" during that exposure. This generally will end with the requester getting a very heavily redacted copy of whatever records they have requested. He was at last report on his way to a secret mission for His Imperial Majesty serving as ChEng aboard the ship of Captain Darin Hawk, Baron Redsm, KE, the ISS Sexy on the frontier of the Imperium. 

Boothe is an extremely skilled Engineer with a ground breaking knowledge of life support systems. He holds a Bachelor of Life Support Management Systems  (Life Support/Counsellor) with Honors from Astro U. He holds an Astrogator-4 rating with the Scout Service and can handle most other starship tasks. He has exceptional vaccsuit skills which he gained by benefit of his birth and upbringing aboard an ancient family owned and operated battle class long duration exploration-merchant starship. He has honed those skills to razor sharpness ever since. 

The Boothe Cluster on the Trailing edge of the Permatic Imperium is named for Gorman though he is really upset that it is. He was however due to the accident that led to his exposure to Jumpspace he was promoted to Scout Leader of the Expedition of what was then known as in Imperial documents as OPERATION: TRAILING CARRIAGE. It is now generally referred to as the Boothe Expedition which naturally annoys the hell out of Boothe

Homeworld: On Course to FS 2103 (Deep Space ) IRAD: M/V C571687-B. A civilian Battle Class Starship often used for long term deep space voyages carrying cargo, freight, passengers to distant colony worlds or extra-Imperial missions of exploration and recontact.

HW Skills: VaccSuit, Zero G.

HW Remarks: (UWP as Ship for a Deep Space born PC: B 571 687-B) This is a commercial vessel with routine facilities. It is 51065 tons and the atmosphere is standard but tainted with age and use. Passengers have Difficult Task to avoid picking up some damned variant of the space flu, while the crew only suffer that fate when they spend liberty somewhere other than the ship or an often seen port. The ship is populated by some 600 hundred crew and families with an extended relations across the starlanes. The ship is run by the Administration Department of the vessel and they keep the safety of the ship, crew and passengers by having a zero-tolerance rule of no projectile weapons aboard not in the hands of Ship Security and other trained Crew. The ship was built in the days of the Interregnum and thus is built on a early interstellar tech level. The TL-B ship has seen the end of the Interregnum and the rise of the Permatic Imperium and families are still being born on it. 

HW Rumor:          

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