07 March 2013

Dossier: SUTTON, NICK. KE. RMR (O5).

Banner of 9th Royal Marines,  His Majesty's Own Permatic Rifles (84th Assault Sqdn.)
Banner of 9th Royal Marines,  His Majesty's Own Permatic Rifles (84th Assault Sqdn.)
Royal Marine Pilot Wings and Stars
Medal of Conspicuous Gallantry | Wound Badge (Bronze Cluster)
The Rebellion of Balican | The Insurgency of Pixiant III
Artillery | Driver: Grav | Launcher | Engineer: Power Plants
Exotics | BattleDress | Ordinance
Name: Lieutenant Coronel Nick Sutton, RMR, MA, KE, Knight of the Empire. Fame: F (Greater System).
UPP: 5BD8BC [GP: 000000], Age: 45 (born 0154 PIY), Terms: 1 INA Blackwall, 4 Marine; 1.75 Post Graduate.

Skills: Design-8, Driver-0 (Grav-2), Gravitics-1, Engineer-0 (Power Plants-2) , Fighting-4 (Artillery-2, BattleDress-2, Exotics-3, Launcher-2, Unarmed-1), Forward Observer-1, Liaison-1, Medic-1, Ordinance-2, Physics-2, Sapper-1, Sensors-4, Strategy-3, Tactics-5, Trade (Explosives-1), VaccSuit-1, Zero G-1.

Psionics: Ψ = N  [X Stage Psionic] 
Basics; Direct-0, Remote-0, Self-0. 
ESP;  Vision-0, Hearing-0, Touch-0, Smell-0, Awareness-0, Perception-0. 
ECM; Move-0, Teleport-0, EShift-0, The Touch-0, OOB-0, Mentation-0.

Papers: INA Bachelor of Military Science (Tactics/Sensors) w/ Honors, IMCC Bachelor of Large Unit Deployment (Strategy/Liaison) w/ Honors, IN Flight School Graduate, 7 ANM Certificates for Artillery, Driver: Grav, Launchers, Engineer: Power Plants, [REDACTED-BattleDress, Ordinance-REDACTED], Astro U Bachelor of Design (Design/Physics) w/ Honors, Astro U Trade School Certificate for Explosives, Permatic Imperial University School of Design Master of Design (Design/Medic) w/ Honors.

Unit(s): 9th Royal Marines, His Majesty's Own Permatic Rifles, 84th Assault Squadron (Flight Ops)

Decorations: 2 Wound Badges, 2 Campaign Ribbons, Medal of Conspicuous Gallantry

Muster Out Gear: , RM Officer's Cutlass-G, <>, High Passage, Wafer Jack, Knighthood (KE), Knighthood (TK), AdvGeoComm-D, Handcuffs, <>, Spectrum Enhancer Goggles-F, Ultimate Portable Tablet Comp-F, Proximeter MP-F, Food, 3 X-Mail Wafers, 2 #2 Power Cells, 7 MemChips-F (Languages), 3 MemChips (blank), Tool Chest-F, Water Purifier-F, 5 rolls of Duct Tape (500 m), Welding Torch-F, Emergency Beacon, 3 Surveillance Device-A, Mirror-A, 20 Chem Lights-B, Backpack-F, 1 dose of Restricted Combat Drug-H, Med Scanner-F, <>, Real Nice Suits, <>. 1 collection of Resident Citizen of Astro U papers (includes an Astro U Birth Certificate)..


Homeworld; FS 1133 Astro U  C 000 889-B  S As Va Ph Na {unknown} {unknown) [unknown], Nob: n/a, Base: n/a, Zone: Amber, PBG 831 Worlds: 1+n, Stellar: unknown, MW: unknown, Hz: ?, NIL: unknown RU unknown, Bf

Pasted Graphic 7.tiffPasted Graphic 8.tiff

Astro U is a small planetoid, with a diameter of 14 km and a circumference of 40 km. It has no atmosphere. It has no surface water, and its surface gravity is 0.05 G. It has a year of 610 24-hour days; its actual day length is 12 hours. There are no moons. Average temperature is 2 C, with a temperature change of -60 C per kilometre altitude.

Astro U or more properly Asteroid University, is known for its School of Design, Their gravball team is the Rocks and supports are prone to shouting "GO ROCKS!" during matches.

Astro U has owned, administered and all ways been in possession of the system for over two centuries. No one really remembers when there wasn't an Astro U here. The Board of Regents oversees the both the University system and the systemwide infrastructure that supports it. 

It should be noted here that this system has had good relations with the Imperium for over fifty  years now and the two polities have citizens which may maintain dual citizenship as it is a mecca for designers who travel here for advanced design education and many of its inhabitants have left for honorable and fruitful careers in the Imperium.

Before Astro U was a a university, it was a mining facility. Four friends from the Imperial World of Reboo [FS 1130] wanted change and excitement. The start up funds were easy for them to come by and the first four years were marginally profitable. After all the then accessible ore and minerals were mined the friends found trouble; they spent too much money on land grants, tools that could not do the job, machines that could not reach the target points, everything they bought seemed to be worthless.
Well, not completely worthless, the four first mixed and matched carrying units, then drilling machines, the the drill bits and other tools. Soon they were working with different alloys and coatings. It was a good thinking to design and set up fabrication facilities on close by rocks. When others heard of the innovative tools their company turned from mining to designing and selling tools and other mining equipment. 

As shipping and fabrication costs rose, the company went strictly design and they expanded their operation, designing just about anything. Other companies, colleges and even the military were ordering designs and sending people there for seminars and learning weekends. Since they had used up most of the nearby asteroids, making housing specifically designed for the rock it is on was a learning challenge for one work group. Things continued on this way for some time until -32 PIY when the four initial founders received honorary degrees from the Imperial University. The next year Astro U was established.

AMBER: This system lies outside the Red Line and Travellers are advised not to exit the Imperium. Leaving the Imperium may place the Traveller and members of their party in a position in which the Imperium has recourse and is unable to assist the Traveller(s). Travellers exit the Imperium at their own risk. 

Astro U has a population in the hundreds of millions. It is is a civil service bureaucracy, and its laws prohibit the possession of weapons outside the home. Its tech is equivalent to that of an average interstellar civilization.

Astro U has owned, administered and all ways been in possession of the system. No one really remembers when there wasn't an Astro U here. The Board of Regents oversees the both the University system and the systemwide infrastructure that supports it. 

HW Skills: VaccSuit, Zero G.

HW Remarks: This asteroid belt is outside the Red Line and is trailing Jowren and thus farther from the Free Spinward States. Local gravity is highly variable.

HW Rumor:          

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