07 March 2013

Dossier: INTERHAUS, RUDOLF. Count Jowern, KE, KM. INR (O5)

Arms of Rudolf Interhaus, Count Jowern
Arms of Rudolf Interhaus, Count Jowern.

Imperial Navy Pilot Rocket and Stars,
Wound Badge (1 Silver Cluster & 1 Bronze Cluster)
Various ANM Decorations)

Name: Commander Count Rudolf Interhaus, Baronet of Santa Fe, Lord of Jowren, PhD, KE, KM, (INR.). Fame: 4+14
UPP: A34CEE [GP: 000000], Age: 58 (Born 142 PIY), Terms: 1 University, 1 INA Blackwall, 4 Spacer; 4 Noble.

Skills: Administration-1, Animals-1, Astrogation-1, Broker-5, Comms-1, Counsellor-5, Engineer-1 (Jump Drives-3, Life Support-2, Maneuver Drives-2, Power Plants-2), Fighting-1, Fleet Tactics-2, Flyer-1, Guns-1, Languages (Unknown-11, Unknown-10, Unknown-9), Leader-4, Liaison-3, Ortillery-2, Pilot-2, Strategy-3, Sensors-2, Survival-1, Tactics-5, Teacher-3.

Psionics: Ψ = D  [3rd Stage Psionic] 
Basics; Direct-0, Remote-18, Self-18. 
ESP;  Vision-0, Hearing-0, Touch-0, Smell-0, Awareness-18, Perception-18. 
ECM; Move-0, Teleport-0, EShift-18, The Touch-0, OOB-0, Mentation-18.

Papers: Permatic ImpU PhD (Counsellor/Teacher); MA (Broker/Language), w/ Honors, INA BS (Tactics/Leader) w/ Honors, 5 ANM Certs (Pilot,), 

Unit(s): Engineer

Decorations: 4 WB

Muster Out Gear: Life Insurance (IN Paid), Knighthood (KE), +1 Psi, StarPass, 1 Redeemed Ship Share (ISS DeeJay), 3 Proxies, Knighthood (KM), Ebony Cane, Magnum Accelerator Revolver-F (TL-A, Cr 330, Range: 3, Mass: 0.825 Kg, Burden: +1, Bullet-3), IN Officer's Cutlass-F (TL-5, Cr 400, Range: 1, Burden: 0, Cut-2), Cloth Armor (TL-8, Cr 250, Mass: 1 Kg, AV 14 Insulated-6), Model/4 Computer, (KCr 475), Iridium Card, "People for that."

Remarks: When LCMR Interhaus was 38 (001-162 PIY), members of his family including his parents and siblings were killed when rebels attacked the structure the Royal Party when on their were standing on the balcony. This to attempt to assassinate the Emperor and other Imperial personages was to further a coup involving it is rumored High Officials. This attack was in the form of an advanced missile targeted just below the balcony. Rudolf is the sole surveyor of that attack of people who near the Emperor when it happened, a fact remarked on in the passing. Haus motto;
Sub novus procuratio.

Homeworld: FS 0832 Jowren  A 584 369-8 N Lo Pe {0} {C250) [14AA], Nob: Interhaus, Base: N, Zone: Red, PBG 602 Worlds: 7, Stellar: Primary; F6 V Near; BD (Orbit 6) MW: Planet, Hz: -1, NIL: Colonists RU 120, Ic  

Jowren is a cold, medium-sized close satellite one orbit outward from the habitable zone, with a diameter of 7,830 km and a circumference of 24,590 km. It has a dense atmosphere with a standard gas mixture and a pressure of 180 kPa at sea level. It has seas of water covering 40% of its surface, and its surface gravity is 0.75 G. It has a year of 831 24-hour days; its actual day length is 12 hours. There are no moons. Average temperature is 5 C, with a temperature change of -5 C per kilometre altitude.

Jowren has a transient population. It is is a captive government, and its laws prohibit the possession of weapons outside the home. Its tech is equivalent to the space age.

The Title of the local ruler here is the Lord of Jowren. The Lord is better thought of as the mayor of Jowren, the population consists mostly of a few hundred Citizens and thousands of Imperial convicts or exiles. Add to this military personal on leave and one soon sees why the Lord of Jowren is often drawn offworld.

This world of the Buffer States lies outside the Red Line and is directly between the Imperium and the rimward portion of the Free Spinward States. Local gravity is 0.625G.

RED: This system is the hereditary fief and personal holding of the Lord of Jowren, currently Rudolf Interhaus. While this world is technically outside the Red Line, it is noted as inside the Purple Line. Permission from the Lord of Jowren or the Steward of Jowren to land on any world or refuel in their waters (including gas giant skimming) or conduct any business there. Imperial Citizens are advised to seek entry visa ahead of time with the Imperial Order of the Maltese chapter house located 

HW Skills: Flyer, Fighting.

HW Remarks: This world of the Buffer States lies outside the Red Line and is directly between the Imperium and the rimward portion of the Free Spinward States. Local gravity is 0.625 G.

HW Rumor:  Not much can be found out about the Count. His IN jacket is full of holes, so one can prove some thing in the patter trail he is a ghost. Some say it is because he is a Count, and not born an Imperial Citizen, but an outsider. Yet for some reason Vladimir still elevated him to his current station and his family line is said to back to the first Crown of Imperium, Rufus Augustus.      

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