07 March 2013

Dossier: HAWK, DARIN. Baron Redsm. Merchant Captain.

Compass and Star of Merchant Guild (Ship Owner)
Compass and Star of Merchant Guild (Ship Owner)

The Master and Commander of the ISS Sexy
Owner of the IMV Screaming Penny
Four Rings of a Captain

Name: Captain Darin Hawk, Baron Redsm, KE. Fame: 5+1D (City-World Complex).
UPP: 86C9CC [GP: 000000], Age: 54 (born 146 PIY), Terms: 7 Merchant, 2 Noble.

Skills: Animals-3, Art-1, Admin-1, Streetwise-1, Computer-2, Comm-2, Engineering-1, Fighting-0 (Unarmed-1), Flyer-1 (Aeronautics-1, Fixed Wing-1), Gunner-1 (Bay Weapons-1, Turrets-1), Hostile Environment-1, High G-1, Jack of all Trades-1, Languages (Unknown-8), Merchant-2, Pilot-3, Seafarer-1, Steward-1, Strategy-2, Trader-2, VaccSuit-1, Zero G-2.

Psionics: Ψ = N  [X Stage Psionic] 
Basics; Direct-0, Remote-0, Self-0. 
ESP;  Vision-0, Hearing-0, Touch-0, Smell-0, Awareness-0, Perception-0. 
ECM; Move-0, Teleport-0, EShift-0, The Touch-0, OOB-0, Mentation-0.




Muster Out Gear: +1 C4, +1 C3, 24 Ship Shares, Title: Baron, Rank: Captain, Knighthood (KE), (KCr 100).


Homeworld; FS 0925 Redsm  C ECA 755-B Fl Oc Ht Bw {+1} {67B5) [98B5], Nob: none, Base: T, Zone: Amber, PBG 913 Worlds: 7, Stellar: Primary; F9 V MW: Planet, Hz: -1, NIL: Exotics RU 462, Im

Redsm is a cold, large water planet one orbit outward from the habitable zone, with a diameter of 22,080 km and a circumference of 69,360 km. It has a dense, corrosive atmosphere composed of a chlorine-oxygen mix and a pressure of 230 kPa at sea level. It has an average depth of 9,200 metres, and its surface gravity is 2.2 G. It has a year of 1,316 24-hour days; its actual day length is 33 hours. There are 4 moons. Average temperature is 23 C.

Redsm has a population in the tens of millions. It is is a feudal technocracy, and its laws forbid assault weapons and concealable firearms. Its tech is equivalent to that of an average interstellar civilization. 

HW Skills: Hostile Environment, Seafarer, High G. 

HW Remarks: This world is some 22,625 Km in diameter, it is almost twice the size of a T-Standard world. The great mass of this world creates a harsh realization for Travellers used to Terran standard worlds that gravity is a force to be respected with a local surface gravity of 1.75 G 

HW Rumor: Here is world also said to be settled by the great and honorable race of heavy worlders born in the ancient days of the First Empire and some say back to Pre-Jump Terra itself grew the seed that became the starfaring offshoot of Terra's bosom, the mighty warriors of Bibiccia. Tales tell of a secret language spoken only by real Bibiccians and their trusted circle. Gaining access to this secret language requires either having a "proven Bloodline or by Tie of Duty or Bond to the Tribes of Bibiccia" which is commonly accepted among the current culture as living some many terms in service of a heavy world. This language started its life as a battle language during one of the many wars of the Old Empires.

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