01 September 2011

Library Data M - Medals of the Imperium.

Just a quick update and a sketch from the notebooks. I am still in the midst of working over the new AAB entries and proofing the whole thing, yet again. 

Still have to put the Battle Under the Belt notes together, and have to set up for the next game which is going to be either Natives v. Attackers or a Four Way Skirmishing. Fighters and a System Defense Boat have been requested and two have yet to be determined. 

Please have patience I will have something up one of these days. *shakes head* Real life can as always be a royal PITA. For now, enjoy my interpretation of the medals of the Imperium.

Library Data M - Medals of the Imperium.

For the non-military readers. I thought I should explain what each of the abbreviations are above each medal mean. So here is the list of the medals of the Imperial Armed Forces.

1. (not pictured) Starburst of Extreme Heroism with Diamonds. First in the order of precedence, it is the equivalent of the US Medal of Honor. Awarded for superhuman acts of courage. 

REF: Not real sure where the diamonds go on this one so I didn't do one up yet. More research is needed.

Starburst of Extreme Heroism. The second highest decoration awarded for valor in the Imperium. Figure it being equivalent to the Navy Cross. Awarded for extraordinary courage against the enemy.

Medal of Conspicuous Gallantry. Third in order of precedence and equivalent to a Distinguished Service Medal. Awarded for bravery against the enemy.

Meritorious Conduct Under Fire. Fourth in the order of precedence and equivalent to the Silver Star. Awarded for operations against the enemy.

5. (not pictured)
Wound Badge. Equivalent to the Purple Heart. Awarded for being wounded or killed in action against the enemy.

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