21 September 2011

A test.

Greetings Sophonts.

This is a test of certain possible upgrades to the Institute's systems.

Should this test go as planned the next post should have a new AAB entry, the Citizens' Tax.

Would like more info? Let us know. Are we covering subjects you find useful, entertaining, or informative, or are we missing a much loved subject you would like to see covered. Perhaps you have some thing to start the discussion.

If so contact us and we will strive to meet your needs. We can't read your minds across the distance. Also it would be extremely rude and potentially unlawful and dangerous, so we as a habit tend to ask first. (Note: PsiBullet service may not be available in your area. If not speak to your local Psionic Service provider or Institute Representative to arrange connection requirements and applicable fees.)


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