25 March 2013

Update: Probable logo/type for Thornwood-Daarnulud LLC.

Hey folks,

Not much going on right now. Still working on Greg P. Lee's T5 Cirque des Sirkas campaign book NPCs, doing a bit of errata hunting (yeah, we tried and catch it all, but you know errata, slippery stuff) and other stuff. Other stuff includes some real world business stuff to be taken care of and gaming business stuff like finishing the UWPs for the Far Stars Sector database (and the starcharts and routes).

So, while I was busy back here behind the screens I thought I would give you a look at is right now the proposed logo/type for Thornwood-Daarnulud LLC.

Proposed Logo/type (084-2013)
Getting to this was a longer process that it would seem. It did take some time, as you may well know from past posts the word Institute has some legal requirements for use and thus I had to pick a new name for the company. I of course went with something nice and metagame, but even there I had a few T-D company names to go through until I decided to just go simple. Besides I am rather fond of the LLC bit as it seems reminiscent of the OTU's LIC (Limited Imperial Charter). Then it was pretty simple to deal with the colors as those too were already chosen, in fact there are written down in both the original HMS Herald folder and now in the almost filled notebook I carry everywhere (along with a pen). After that, logo (in this case the emblem of the 5th Imperium again for metagame reasons, because that's how we roll here :D) and the font to use. The results so far are in my opinion rather nice, almost elegant. However, I am terribly biased having done the work.

Well, I really should be back to work on those aforementioned NPCs. They don't generate themselves, though they do sort of develop personalities while you create them. Like deciding not be Knighted even when they could have been, or choosing to stay in the enlisted ranks of the service as opposed being like most of us followers of Saint Timmii (of the Mini-Maxers) who jump at that Commission Roll, if only for the extra Skill you can squeeze out it. >:D Some of this me getting into character as I generate the NPC. Some come about because of a mistake I made and had to figure out what the results meant. One dude like that was a NPC who has a UPP: XXXA4X, they joined the service and for some reason I read the Int as the Edu when I assigned the Branch and Operations for the Term. Then I was doing the second Term when I read the UPP again, realized that I had messed up and dude shouldn't have ended up in Technical Branch. Ouch. Then I figured they maybe, you know "lied" on their application and really just aced all the Service Exams. Well, guess who gets Mustered Out when the Bureaucracy Main Computers (Sector) at Service HQ run the numbers and do the background checks. Still, it is things like that do make Traveller5 CharGen so cool, the little stories you can build. 

Anyway, this turning into me blabbing about how cool T5 is and not working with it. 

Craig, the Ref, ever working.

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