09 October 2012

Upate: Teaser Stuff.

Not much, but I do have this neato pic of the newly mapped Boothe Cluster.

The Boothe Cluster
The Boothe Cluster c. PIY 0200.

 Named after its now famous discoverer Gorman (Ajax) Boothe of the Imperial Scout Service. The two worlds that are named and fully detailed were actually contacted by a Joint IN/IS unit. The other worlds have yet to have their Starport and TLs generated. That will have to be done in the future. Two Agricultural worlds and one Desert world, but otherwise pretty general.

In other news, all the Imperial Domains now have at least a UWP, if not TCs and other stuff. Same goes for the Parthian Remnents. Still have to finish Thersis Confederation and The Free Spinward States.

And that is the state of things currently. Speaking of currently, I have company on the way over, so this will have to do ya for a bit. Still it does have pictures, okay, mapping.


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