16 October 2012

Update: Some Draft Bits for Adventure A as of 290-2012.

For those Sophonts following the progress of Adventure A: The Abonai Venture I have some actual work to show you. This is the cover my T5 ATU Adventure.

Draft Cover for Adventure A.

Below is the draft Table of Contents.

  1.  Credits. (Who did what.)   Page 1.
  2. Table of Contents. (Where to find stuff.) Page 2.
  3. The Cast. (Pre-Gen PCs, Patrons, Personalities)     Page 3.
  4. Synopsis. (What is going on.)   Page 3.
  5. Acts and Scenes. (What the PCs do.) Page 4.
  6. Rumors. (Some are true, some are not.) Page 9.
  7. Encounters. (How the PCs interact with Life.) Page 11.
  8. Worlds. (Where stuff happens.) Page 13.
  9. Sophonts (2≥ Sophont Races to meet.) Page 20.
  10. Library Data. (Info about the universe.) Page 23.
  11. Referee Only. (Things players weren't meant to know.) Page 25.
  12. Screaming Penny. (A starship for PCs without one.) Page 27.

Most (if not all) Chapters are minimally fleshed out. Most of the Systems have basic data, about half have more detailed info, the Voodgi are done and I have to create the Exotic Race that lives on [FS 0925] Redsm (a Bibiccian World), the Screaming Penny has no deckplans but is specced out, Starship Encounters for [FS 0724] Colony A are done,  All in all, it is looking like an Adventure.

Now to get me some time and players to test it out.

If you would like to check it out, playtest, make suggestions, proof or edit, do some artwork or render other pro-bono awesomeness, drop me a comment below or email me if you have my email addy. If you do work on the Adventure, you get at minimum credit and contact info (if desired).


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