22 October 2012

Update: FAR STARS Sector. Now with More Worlds to Explore!

Greetings Sophont,

As you might recall my dear reader I recently had the map for the Far Stars Sector printed. After hanging it on my wall, it did its job and inspired me to fill in more of the blank spots. If you might recall the last time we saw the map it looked a bit like this:

Chart of the Far Stars Sector (circa 0150 PIY).
Chart of the Far Stars Sector (circa 150 PIY).

Mostly it is a lot of systems that have nothing more than a notation that there is a system with a MainWorld in it. In fact, it looks as if the Far Stars were populated with mostly asteroid belts. This is an artifact of my using the UWP X 000 000-0 as a placeholder for a system to be generated in the future. Routes still need work and many of the systems need details. The Permatic Imperium still has many worlds outside the Purple Line, but inside the Red Line. 

All in all, compared to what I have done since, I think I will use this as the Chart for Imperial Year 150.

Now it looks like this:

Chart of the Far Stars Sector (circa 200 PIY).
Chart of the Far Stars Sector (circa 200 PIY).

Changes include the movement of the Purple Line to the Red Line, with the exception of the disputed worlds. Eliminated the border for the Dark Stars, since they aren't really a state. The Buffer States have taken a few more worlds and is disputing several with the Free Spinward States. The Thersis Confederation's border changed, but they end up a good chunk of the rim-trailing of the sector. Of course there is the addition of the Boothe Cluster. And last all the systems with a world have at minimum of World Size, so that Travellers know if there is world or belt in the system. Some of these worlds already have their Size, Atmo and Hydro generated, but only about half right now.

The great design school, Astro U, as well as [FS 1334] Sugihara & [FS 1434] Unnessot along the rimward Red Line have been taken under the Imperial Banner. The worlds of Jowern and Nerver (IC) are claimed both by the Buffer States and the Permatic Imperium.

Eventually, I plan to have separate charts for each route type, Trade & Communications, Navies, Armies, and Marines. Another thing I need to add is some of the more important counties and of course the various smaller states that compose the Free Spinward States. 

It still needs more work, but I got quite a bit done. Also, I am digging the new TravellerMap Post look. Very cool and much more colorful. 

Behind the screen I am starting to figure out what the larger astrogation and political/military picture is. I do know that there is a large rift curving from the core-spinward to the rim-trailing. Rumor has it the across the rift are the domains of the kay. Looking at my tags, I see I now have fifty [T5 ATU] tagged posts. Time to go through them all and getting them organized. I also have been keeping track of the various search terms used to find this blog and it seems I should do some serious detail on the Imperial Army since that seems to come up a lot.

Just to let you know, for all this burst of productivity, I may be absent for a while. Fear not I will be back and I will try to keep posting stuff, the notebooks are getting filled for just such a need. 

Well, got to go and do meat space things.


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