10 October 2012

Update: More teasery.

Greetings Dear Follower,

Today is another peek behind the screen. This time the local area for Adventure A: The Abonai Venture.

Some guesses at player's routes to Abonai Belt
As you can see, I scribbled on it a bit. The dark red is the first route, the light red is a branch off of the first route, the orange is the second route and of course yellow the third route. Why these routes? 

Because HI&RM Vlad 2 wants his Q-Ship back. And I now have numbers to convert Baron Hawk's actual Ship Shares value. Comes to quite a bit less than my work up got him. I wonder if I changed the rules again? :D

So what is Captain Baron Hawk getting? He is getting a ship that he used to own in a short lived Firefly game, the M/V Screaming Penny. I am working toward adding the Screaming Penny to the Adventure for the Ref to hand the players if they need a ship and don't pull one. Stop me if you heard this before, "Just so happens a patron has a ship and needs a crew.". 



Using a 600-ton hull, the SCREAMING PENNY class Far Trader is an high interstellar technology merchant ship running the starlanes in search of cargo, passengers and adventure. It is equipped with the Shaasagra-Inkesi siB258A2-j jump drive, the Speed-G of Rhylanor C35-G maneuver drive, and the Rivington, Ltd. H.5 power plant, and is capable of Jump-2 and 3G acceleration. Fuel tankage of 91 tons supports the jump drive and one jump-2 or two consecutive jumps at jump-1. Additional tankage of 13.5 tons supports one month of power plant operations. 

Adjacent to the bridge is a positronic computer Model/6 neu. There are four staterooms and ten low berths. There are six hardpoints; the SCREAMING PENNY has a commcaster, a missile launcher, two beam lasers and two sandcasters installed. (This class ship may have defensive screens, such as nuclear dampers or meson screens installed. When they do have such military grade defenses, it is only with some sort of prior approval from the powers that be.) There are three ship's vehicles, an enclosed air/raft, a mining buggy and a 20 ton gig. It has six pairs of grapples allowing it to use drop tanks to improve range or carry additional cargo of up to 210 tons (with possible reduction of jump range). Cargo capacity is 160 tons. The hull is a streamlined submergence hull built for the frontiers.
The SCREAMING PENNY class typically requires a crew of five: a pilot, an astrogator, two engineers and a freightmaster. Up to two gunners, two drivers, a medic and a steward may be added or the crew may function in that role when not needed. The ship can carry four high or eight middle passengers and ten low passengers. There are 22 tons free for the owner to customize. 

So that is some of the stuff I am working on right now. Also, there are a few topics jotted down in the notebooks that might get fleshed out and turned into blog fodder.

Hope you enjoyed this.


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